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Style / classy meets creative

History of the handbag

Style - 15 April 2013

In 1841, English confectionery entrepreneur, Samuel Parkinson, came home to his wife and said “Darling – today I invented the handbag for you.” Well, maybe not those exact words, however this may just be one of the greatest gestures ever made from a husband to...

The Good Oil on facial oils

Style - 5 March 2013

Facial oils instantly hydrate thirsty skin and give new life to your complexion. Do not fear the facial oil, the right oil can actually balance the natural oils in your skin. While the well-known, traditional oils such as almond, jojoba and primrose remain, they have...

Máximo Riera’s Animal Chairs

Style - 5 March 2013

Many breathtaking interiors incorporate a feature piece, but if you really want to make an impact, consider one of Máximo Riera’s Animal Chairs.  The Animal Chair collection captures some of nature’s most intriguing creatures, bringing them into our homes in a way never before experienced....