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Style / classy meets creative

Groundbreaking Fashion: 100 Iconic Moments

Style - 5 April 2017

100 iconic moments in fashion – punk icons, pop stars and fashion trail blazers. From Chanel’s little black dress to Jean Paul Gaultier’s cone bra for Madonna, ground-breaking fashion moments have two main ingredients, the designer who created it and the personality who wore it....

Groundbreaking Fashion

Winter’s Coolest Trends

Style - 7 March 2017

Lace, stripes, 70s bohemia and various shades of reds dominate the AW17 storyboard. woman with drive has broken down the trends to help you curate your winter wardrobe to stay one glamorous step ahead.     Lace   The rise of the lace dress is...

fashion runway

Fashion and Art meet at the Paris end of Melbourne’s CBD

Style - 10 January 2017

One clever Melbourne hotel has plotted its way to a woman’s heart. It begins with an indulgent overnight city stay and comes dressed in fashion’s luxurious trimmings. Grand Hyatt in Melbourne has launched Hy Fashion – a curated hotel and fashion experience that is delivered...

birdy and me

Festive Decor Tips From A Top Australian Illustrator

Style - 14 December 2016

Kerrie Hess is an instantly recognisable name among those with a taste for luxury, classic style. The world-celebrated illustrator, who is just as renowned for her love of décor as she is for her beautiful prints, said she inherited her obsession for decorating from her...

festive decor