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Health & Fitness / fuel for the road

Four Routes To Unlocking Your Grit

Health & Fitness - 31 August 2016

Talent and hard work will take you places. But grit? That’s what will take you great distances. Just ask Professor Angela Duckworth who was awarded the MacArthur “Genius” Award in 2013 for her groundbreaking work on the power of grit. In her recently released book,...


How To Design Your Own 20-Minute Fitness Program

Health & Fitness - 19 August 2016

When life picks up speed, even the best among us are guilty of sacrificing our fitness regime for what we deem to be more important tasks. We decide that since we cannot block out an hour to work out, we may as well skip it...

Fitness Program

Boutique Fitness For Mums And Bubs

Health & Fitness - 10 August 2016

A few months have passed since your bub arrived. You have nurtured and bonded, and even managed to catch more than a few hours of actual sleep in between. As you start getting used to the new shape of your life, it is also time...

Mum and Bub Fitness

How To Get Over Feeling Let Down

Health & Fitness - 25 July 2016

Feeling that we have been let down is the hurt we feel when other people do not meet our expectations or behave like we would. But are our expectations realistic? We are a result of past experiences that include our upbringing, how we are treated,...

Let Down