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Business / stay in the lead

How To Own A Room

Business - 12 December 2016

Ah, December! The season of mid-year financial reports, a flurry of last minute meetings and yes, goal-setting for the year ahead. For many entrepreneurs wanting to take business to the next level or corporates looking to set up, leadership goals are almost a surety on...

own a room

7 Ways For Entrepreneurs To Enjoy The Holiday Season

Business - 23 November 2016

Most entrepreneurs know that there is no such thing as downtime. Not in the true sense of the word, anyway. For most, time away from emails does not always equate to time away from thinking about the business, reading business articles or checking social media....

holiday season

4 Instant Ways To Speak Up And Be Heard

Business - 7 November 2016

Do you, despite your powerful ascend up the business or corporate ladder, still find yourself wrestling a knot in your belly each time you have to speak up? Or do you find yourself continually frustrated because no one hears you when you speak up? If...

speaking up

5 Money Mindsets All Entrepreneurs Should Teach Their Kids

Business - 28 October 2016

As a money mindset mentor to online female entrepreneurs, Denise Duffield-Thomas is well known for helping women develop positive attitudes towards their personal and business financial flow. So it came as a complete surprise to her when she heard herself tell her own toddler that money is “really...

money mindset