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Do I Need a Business Mentor?

Business - 18 May 2017

According to Luisa Ryan, Director of the Business Register Unit at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, people’s belief around business failure rates have a profound impact on their motivation and the way they relate to their business. Luisa believes the Australian business community has laboured long...

business mentor

Beneath the Surface

Business - 23 February 2017

Are you one of those people who seems consistently misunderstood by your colleagues, as well as others around you?   There is a lot of pressure on women in the public eye. You are supposed to manage a dynamic career, live wholesome family lives, have...

business woman

15 Ways To Really Enjoy Your Career In 2017

Business - 16 December 2016

By the time the average professional woman reaches the end of her career, she would have spent approximately 109,980 hours at work. That is a big chunk of our life. And what a tragedy it would be if all we did for that entire time...

happy career

How To Own A Room

Business - 12 December 2016

Ah, December! The season of mid-year financial reports, a flurry of last minute meetings and yes, goal-setting for the year ahead. For many entrepreneurs wanting to take business to the next level or corporates looking to set up, leadership goals are almost a surety on...

own a room