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Caroline de Maigret: Bringing Parisian Chic To Australia

Caroline de Maigret

She is the face of French beauty brand, Lancome, and has walked the runway for Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga. At 41, Caroline de Maigret is proof that life does not retreat once a woman enters her forties.

In fact, the mother of one is experiencing a career renaissance. Caroline has recently been appointed the newest Autumn/Winter 2016 face of Australian fashion label, Blue Illusion, and she is bringing a touch of Parisian chic to this local collection.

woman with drive caught up with the French model to talk about life, family and juggling it all.

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On being raised in a French aristocratic family

My father, Count Bertrand, helped create the Euro currency and was key in taking the idea of Europe having one currency to politicians and economists around the world. He spent a lot of time away from us when I was growing up but made sure I understood the importance of having an education and something to fall back on.


On her career path

I was studying Modern Literature at the Sorbonne when I was discovered by a modeling agency in 1994. Then I went on to produce rock music before returning to the modeling world again. It was when I actually quit modeling that fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, called me to ask if I would walk the runway of Chanel’s St. Tropez resort show. I was 36-years-old. I was flattered that he liked my look and was okay with putting confident women on the runway. I then went on to appear in other Chanel and Louis Vuitton campaigns. Karl has been a big influence in my career. We have a connection and we enjoy having conversations.


On writing a book

I wrote How To Be Parisian in 2014, which has since been published in 26 languages. It is a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to bring Parisian chic to your look. The world is obsessed with French women and their style so I decided to dissect it and present it from my own point of view. I talk about cutting your own hair, being sexy for your lover and creating your own style without mimicking what you see on the runways. It is about finding your inner voice while paying attention to what is happening on fashion’s big stage.

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On her mother’s advice

My mother, Isabelle, was a swimming champion. She raised four children to approach life like a swimmer by learning to keep our head above water. It made me a strong and independent woman.

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On relationships

I have never been the sort of girl who found romance in the notion of getting married. It does not appeal to me. I have been with my partner, Yarol, for 12 years whom I met while he was performing a show. He sang the entire set looking at me and sought me out afterwards. He was actually dating someone else at the time but we exchanged numbers, connected over music and decided to start a record label together.

I like the fact he does not own me. When you marry, you are tied down and I have avoided that. I am totally committed to my relationship with him but I just do not believe in the idea of marriage. We have a 10-year-old son, Anton, and we work hard at making our family and work commitments run smoothly. I am no different to anybody else.


On Parisian chic

When I started modeling in the mid-90s, it was all about waif girls. It was not my thing at all and I did not look like that. As time went on, the world started to obsess over the Parisian style. All I can say is that French women do not fuss a lot. My own style is jeans and T-shirts. Chic means clothes that suit your body shape and not trying too hard. I think effortless style comes with age. You worry less about looking like someone else and you find your own ground.

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