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Can You Get Thicker Hair Naturally?

Is it possible to get thicker hair naturally without having to invest in hair extensions? woman with drive tested a range of highly regarded hair products that promise to turn limp, thin hair, into voluminous mounds of locks. So it was with high hopes that we invested in the latest hair thickening products:


We started with Kevin Murphy as we had heard we would achieve incredible results after just one wash. In addition to the shampoo and conditioner, we also purchased the Body Mass spray to re-build the hair from the follicle after 14 days.


We have been using this product for over a month and had high expectations, so we were pleasantly surprised to see some results! After washing, the wash does appear fuller, but this may just be due to the fact that is has that ‘freshly washed’ looked and is not actually thicker. We did however, find that our hair remained cleaner for longer, which was a nice bonus and the smell of the range is absolutely divine. So for that factor alone, we would highly recommend the range.


Next we tested the Bumble and Bumble products, which have received rave reviews all over the Internet and appear to hold cult status. The excitement that this product may soon change our thin hair days had us eagerly washing with anticipation.


We had two team members trial the products and this range received mixed reviews from our hair guineapigs. For one woman with drive, with natural, undyed hair, the products made her hair feel extremely dry and unpleasant to touch and for this reason she swore she would never use the range again. For another however, who has blonde dyed hair, the hair appeared noticeably fuller after washing and she did not experience any dryness. We are not sure why we experienced such extreme differences in our road test, but we suggest giving the range a try and seeing what happens for you!


Finally, we opted for the natural option, chemical-free Ecostore that promises to volumise the hair the eco-friendly way. We were certainly dubious that a natural hair product could work wonders on our hair but we were happy to try regardless. Unfortunately our scepticism prevailed and we were left rather disappointed with no noticeable difference at all. We found the product even increased the need for washing more frequently, which was rather frustrating. Sadly, this product did not meet our woman with drive expectations.


Although these products have not quite turned us into a shampoo commercial model, it was interesting to test the theory that you can change the thickness of your hair. While our hair had not dramatically changed, our preferred option was without doubt the Kevin Murphy range and we have continued to use these products. With a fresh wash, a can of hairspray and a little style powder, we will continue to fake our way to thicker hair.


–       Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash (Shampoo) RRP $36.95

–       Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse (Conditioner) RRP $36.95

–       Kevin Murphy Body Mass RRP $49.95

–       Bumble and Bumble Thickening Shampoo RRP $32

–       Bumble and Bumble Thickening Conditioner RRP$35

–       Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray RRP$38

–       Ecostore Volumising Shampoo RRP $11

–       Ecostore Volumising Conditioner RRP $11


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