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Business to Bali


Bali is a great destination for a quick pampering holiday, to rest and rejuvenate, and to arrive in style and comfort.  So which is the best way to fly?  There are three direct business class options from Australia – Virgin, Jetstar and Garuda. You can also travel via Singapore, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur but you’ll face a much longer journey.


woman with drive tested three direct business class options to Bali, here are our findings:



The business class experience should not be categorised as “business”.  Think premium economy at best (however you’ll still pay business class fares).  While there has been talk of upgrading this route, the airline still flies its Boeing 737-800s. This means your seat barely reclines and there is no footrest.  So if you are on a midnight flight back to Australia, don’t expect to get any sleep.  There are only 12 business class seats, which are aligned in a 2/2 configuration so you will get either a window or aisle seat.  Forget the champagne, there is none offered.  On the flight we tested, there were even no food options and only two options of white wine.  In-flight entertainment is offered on an Ipad.  Not good enough for women with drive!



The business class cabin is offered on some Jetstar flights to Bali, but not all, so look out for routes using the Dreamliner. Unlike Virgin you do get a leg rest (albeit a small one), and the seats do recline, but only to about 30 degrees. The business class food, wine and service still feels like Jetstar with no real luxury feel (think of Business Class with Qantas about ten years ago and you’ll get the drift). Seating configuration is 2/3/2 so if you want to book a window seat you’ll need to get your seat allocated early. While the Dreamliner is a step up from a regular seat on a Jetstar plane, it’s still not quite luxe enough for our taste level.



This was a pleasant surprise and would please even the most seasoned business class traveller.  The Airbus A330 seat reclines to an almost flat bed (with a footrest!), so sleeping is possible – a positive in our eyes.  Service was impeccable and the standard of food was excellent.  In-flight entertainment was also as expected with plenty of options offered from your standard in-seat screen.  Seating is 2/2/2, and you feel extremely special from the moment you check in to the time you depart.  A perfect way to travel to Bali!


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