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Bring Luxury To Your Fitness Regime

Oberoi Udaivilas

Have you ever done the backstroke while looking up at Mayan ruins? Or bench-pressed in full view of a mountain range? Or moved through a sun salutation on a private island?


We all need to occasionally shake up our fitness regime to breathe life into its predictability and reboot our commitment towards our goals. One of the greatest opportunities for this is when we travel. Being in an unfamiliar setting puts us in the right frame of mind to seek out new experiences.


So the next time you are on the road, pick an accommodation for the touch of luxury it will bring to your fitness regime. These six places are fantastic starting points.


Gym With A View

Being indoors is not so bad when your eyes are drinking in these views while your body powers through circuit training. Do not be surprised if an extra rep (or two) slips in unnoticed while you are caught up in the magnificent landscape.



Langham Place, Hong Kong

Gape at Hong Kong’s stunning skyline either from a state-of-the-art treadmill or while sipping fresh juice at the Contemplation Corner.




Matakauri Lodge, New Zealand

When a designer lodge is perched on the edge of a pine forest and at the lip of Lake Wakatipu and Cecil Peak, you can only imagine the sight that will greet you.



Underwater Bliss

There is something about being in water that washes away all your daily troubles. And when that immersion takes place in some of the most exquisite pools in the world, you are bound to emerge with a lighter heart.


The Oberoi

The Oberoi Udaivilas, India

Resting on the shore of Lake Pichola and framed by a majestic architectural backdrop is a pool that will leave you breathless even before you have taken a single stroke.




Hacienda Uayamon Hotel, Mexico

There is only one word to describe a pool nestled in the ruins of a 19th century hacienda – surreal. Surrounded by crumbling walls and towering pillars, just floating on your back will have you believing you have entered another world.



Namaste Oasis

There is no such thing as too many yoga retreats. Not when they are held at destinations that are drenched in beauty, calm and quiet. Then it is not just a treat for your body but also for your mind and soul.


Silver Island Yoga

Silver Island Yoga, Greece

Named after the silvery shimmering olive trees, this private island yoga retreat promises you all the quiet time and space you need to practice, meditate or walk the pebbled beaches.




Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

Moroccan architecture meets tropical paradise in this sanctuary that is fully committed to bringing back calm and balance into your life through its array of yoga classes, workshops and retreats.


 What luxurious settings have been the backdrop for your workouts? Tell us in the comments section below!


(Image credit: The Oberoi Udaivilas)

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