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Dr Tass Road Test

If you’re a regular reader of womanwithdrive, you’ll know we have tested some of the most luxurious skincare products and found they promise the world, but deliver very little. So we thought it was time to take the plunge and road test the latest in cosmetic enhancement – Botox and dermal fillers.


To recap on my particular skin type and conditions, I am your typical 47-year-old woman. I have a few sun spots that seem to be getting darker, some red spots on my cheeks (broken capillaries), dark circles under my eyes and wrinkles developing around my lips, eyes and forehead.


I visited Dr Tass at the  Crown Spa located  in Crown Towers Hotel  Melbourne who offers a luxurious and private experience. From the moment you leave your Porsche with valet parking to the private waiting room in the Crown Day Spa, or if you have a little more time, at the  exclusive Crystal Club Lounge.


After a consultation and discussion, Dr Tass recommended botox in the forehead, between the brows, my crows feet , the bridge and just under the nose, the chin and either side of the bottom lip. He also recommended dermal fillers under the eyes (tops of the cheeks), around the lips and jowl under the mouth. The idea was to reduce my wrinkles, plump up the under eye area and also reduce the “puppet mouth” sagging under my mouth.  Botox and fillers when used properly replace the volume loss associated with ageing . With an artistic  eye and an experienced doctor you can regain a softer , fresher more attractive version of yourself without looking `done’.


So what was I about to be injected with?

Botox: Botox is a drug made from a neurotoxin produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum called botulinum toxin. It cosmetically removes wrinkles by temporarily paralysing muscles. It lasts about three to four months. It is used extensively in non-cosmetic medical treatments such as for children with cerebral palsy or to treat migraines.

Dermal fillers:
Dr Tass uses Juvederm which is a synthetic made filler made from a natural complex sugar called Hyaluronic acid (HA). It is normally found in human skin and attracts and holds water in our skin. It lasts about 12 to 24 months and it is reversible if you don’t like the results. He prefers these fillers as they blend so well in the facial skin with no lumping or discolouration of the skin and because they last so long.


The cost of the treatment outlined above is $6075.00 and the procedure took about an hour including the consultation. If budgets are of concern it is just as effective to break up the procedure in small segments with the end result being just as effective aesthetically.


The needles didn’t hurt but the filler felt a little strange as it was injected, and you can slightly feel it being put into place. Dr Tass works quickly and continually checked on my wellbeing during the process. It was reassuring to have a doctor perform the treatment in the event of any medical issues. The procedure requires a definite flair on the part of the doctor and a keen eye for creating just the right effect – not too little and not too much. Make sure you see some before and after shots when you select your practitioner as you want to be sure they have the style you are looking for.


For me the result was definitely a fresher and younger looking face but the best part was that the effect was subtle. The combination of the Botox and the fillers smoothed out my entire face without any tightening look. There was a definite and substantial reduction in wrinkles above my lip and around my eyes. Plus the filler Dr Tass placed in my top lip gave me a subtle lift. My friends and family noticed I was looking well rested and fresher but didn’t guess I’d had “work done”.


There was some bruising in my under eye and cheek area which disappeared within a week, so if you have a big event to attend, maybe get your treatment performed two weeks prior.


I could feel the filler that was placed in the jowl area for a few weeks, but I became accustomed to the feeling and now, two months later, I can barely notice.


The big question is would I do it again? The answer is absolutely yes as I love looking in the mirror at a face that appears about seven years younger. I’m hooked!


Image credit:

Karon Photography for Dr Tass


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