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Birth Order

We never want to put you in a box, but which trait best describes you?


1.  You plan everything.  You already know what you’re having for dinner before you’re even out of bed.  You’re not ‘controlling’ you tell others, you’re ‘organised’.

2.  You leave things to last minute and always end up in a manic rush, but it’s not your fault, you just weren’t given enough notice.

3.  Relax – everything will work itself out, so why stress?


If number one sounds like you, you are mostly likely the eldest child. If number two rings true, you are probably a middle child. And if you relate to number three, you’re most likely the youngest in the family.

But what does all of this say about your personality?  According to an article recently published in the Huffington Post, birth order does matter and parents need to understand this so they can build an environment best suited to the differing characteristics of their children.


The Firstborn Child: The Achiever

If you are a firstborn, you are probably a high achiever who seeks approval, likes to take charge and always demands perfection.  You’re most suited to a career in law, medicine or as a CEO, anywhere where you can dominate!

You’re used to having control and attention from your parents, and have even become a mini-version of them.  You probably can admit to trying to dominate your siblings.  Beware however, when another sibling is born, you may be knocked off your pedestal, as all the attention that was previously yours, now must be shared.


The Middle Child: The Peacemaker

As a middle child, you are likely to receive the least attention from your family, and instead look at your wide social ground as an extended family instead.

Often late bloomers, middle children find themselves in careers where they can utilise their skills in understanding, cooperation and negotiation, and get the much-desired attention.

The skills learnt from negotiating between siblings and parents, and your strong social skills, will prepare you for an entrepreneurial role.

You and your older sibling will never excel at the same thing, and you’re probably the complete opposite to your older and younger siblings.


The Youngest Child: The Life of the Party

Once parents get to their last child, they tend to be more lenient and don’t necessarily pay as much attention to every little milestone or event in your life as they did with your older siblings.  Therefore, you have learnt how to stand out in a crowd and work the spotlight.

You’ve had less responsibility in life, and therefore don’t generally seek responsible experiences.  You’ve been given the freedom to follow your own path in your own time.

Youngest children often become actors, comedians, writers and directors, anything in the entertainment industry that reflects their personality.

The youngest child often has a lot in common with the eldest sibling, as they have both been made to feel special and independent.  They have the ability to influence their family, which makes them feel secure and content.


Source: Huffington Post


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