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Best Spas in Europe

There’s no denying we women deserve a little time out for relaxation and rejuvenation every once in a while. But aside from our local favourite spas and salons, what else is on offer around the world?


Here we take a look at the best spas in Europe to help wake up tired skin.


Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort in Saturnia in Italy, have preserving youth at the center of the spa’s philosophy. Each guest is given a biological age evaluation in which a team of experts looks at everything from health history, general spirits and stress levels to memory, skin, body composition, and flexibility.


After the extensive once-over, a set of treatments tailored to the individual’s physical needs is performed. These can include something as simple as microdermabrasion (a procedure that exfoliates the skin with a diamond-based scrub), which costs anywhere from $100 to $200, depending on the extent of the treatment, to Restylane injections on the forehead to remove crow’s feet, costs between $500 and $750.


For those looking to smooth cellulite, reduce the appearance of spider veins or give their legs an overall firmer look, Juliet Kinsman, editor-in-chief of Mr & Mrs Smith travel guides, recommends Capri Palace’s Beauty Farm, in Capri, Italy, for its Leg School – a set of treatments focused entirely on leg beauty and health.


“This spa is not only super-chic but fantastically clinical in its results,” says Kinsman. “This is the place to tackle cellulite, and celebrities flock to this exclusive Italian retreat to prepare for high-profile, red-carpet moments.”


Therapies include medicated mud to help firm, smooth and decongest skin, as well as Kneipp vascular treatment, which involves immersing legs in water that contains vegetable, mineral and marine extracts to help improve circulation. And, if nothing else, Kinsman says the spa’s atmosphere is especially pleasing. From the stone floors and travertine baths to the gorgeous views overlooking the Bay of Naples, the property epitomizes elegance. The seven-day Leg School spa package – not including accommodation – costs approximately $3500.


If you’re not exactly sure what types of treatments you want to undergo, a trip to Cinq Mondes Spa at Beau Rivage Palace in Lausanne, Switzerland is a fabulous option. Cinq Mondes’ spa menu is extensive, but focuses more on the high-end as opposed to a something-for-everyone approach. Anti-aging treatments are emphasized, but all have an Asian spin.


Guests’ choices range from a Japanese flower bath to Chinese Taoist ritual to Ayurvedic massage. The Youthfulness Ko Bi Do ritual focuses on the eyes, forehead and lips, using the ancestral Japanese ritual Ko Bi Do – which combines acupressure and massage – to help “lift” the face, while the regenerating body wrap promises to smooth skin with plant oils.


Just how effective these treatments are depends on whom you ask, or even how frequently they’re performed. Nevertheless, the relaxation and pampering each spa provides is certainly worth every dollar alone.



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