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Beat The Winter Slump

Lululemon Athletica winter fitness wear

Every single image of an outdoor workout features an activity taking place under a blue sky and golden sunshine. The reality however is that you do not always get to work out in perfect weather.


Strong winds, heavy fog and rain – especially during the approaching winter months – can spark a deep reluctance to pull on our workout gear. Even the commute between your home and an indoor class can be daunting!


But three months is a long time to put your fitness regime on the backburner. Long enough to undo all your hard work over the last nine months. So is it really worth to cave in to the dreaded winter slump?


The way we see it, staying on your fitness path requires two things – understanding the art of winter dressing and executing it in style. Your outfit should be functional enough to keep you toasty during your workout and trendy enough for you to saunter into a café for a hot drink after.


The Base


Adidas by Stella McCartney Run Long-Sleeve Top


Always start with a base layer. This is the layer closest to your skin so the fabric should be thin and moisture wicking (pulls moisture away from the body) like polypropylene, silk or wool.


Lululemon Athletica’s Time Warp Short Sleeve II not only lets your skin breathe but also boasts a special anti-stink technology so you can wear it multiple times before laundry day. And if the day is not nippy enough to warrant a jacket then just slip on this Run Long-Sleeve Top by Adidas by Stella McCartney or even just the Itsa Armwarmer by The Elder Statesman.


The Shell


Carbon 38 Phoebe Jacket


The next layer is your protective shell against wind and rain. Opt for a lightweight jacket that is water-resistant rather than waterproof as the former is “breathable” and will allow your body moisture to evaporate. Also choose a zip jacket so you can make adjustments according to your body temperature. Carbon38’s Phoebe Jacket ticks all the boxes.


If you only need a jacket for your commute to yoga or the gym then look no further than the classic Burberry Brit Quilted Shell Jacket or Lorna Jane’s lush Charlotte Coat.


The Legs


LUCAS HUGHS Nordica Leggings


Although it is more important to protect your torso first, those brutal windy days will demand that you pay extra attention to your legs. Lululemon Athletica’s Speed Tight *Tech Fleece and Rick Owens’ Wool Track Pants are perfect for the job.


But if it is just style you are gunning for then Vie Active’s elegant Chelsea Midnight Feather Compression Tights or LUCAS HUGH’s snazzy Nordica Leggings will hit the spot.


The Overlooked

Do not neglect the most exposed parts of your body – the hands, neck and ears. A hat is always a good choice but can make some heads feel too hot. The alternatives are earmuffs or ear warmers. As for the neck, any wool blend scarf will do the trick.


For those whose fingers bear the brunt of the cold, choose wind-proof mittens instead of gloves or layer them over your gloves. Unlike with gloves, the fingers work together to build warmth in mittens.


What is your go-to fitness gear during winter? Tell us in the comment section below!


(Image credit: Lululemon Athletica)

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