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Baby Love

There’s no denying that every child is the apple of their parent’s eye and as parents, and grandparents, we love to shower our new members of the family with gifts.  But how much is too much?  When it comes to baby brand, Suommo, the sky is the limit.


Suommo sell some of the world’s most outrageously expensive baby products.  Heralding from Spain, Suommo products could be easily mistaken for something that should be locked up in a glass case and not in your baby’s hands.


The company is famous for creating the world’s most expensive bassinet out of solid gold and bearing a rather frightening price tag of $16.5 million.

According to Suommo, only 24 carat gold can achieve the special egg-shape of the bassinet.  Equipped with bedding made from Champagne Silk that includes a protector, pillow, and mattress comforter, as well as a changing mat spun from gold yarn, making for a serious family heirloom.


Suommo has recently extended its product line to offer all the essentials for babies.  So if you want something more affordable, there’s the Suommo pacifier at only $2.5 million.  Taking a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘born with a silver spoon’, this little bit of luxury also transforms into a piece of jewellery for mum, making it a great versatile piece.


Made from 18 carat gold and bedazzled with diamonds, the pacifier doubles as a designer pendant or brooch when not in use by the baby.  We’re not sure if this can be classified under the ‘more bang for your buck’ category, but it would undoubtedly make for the most luxurious baby shower gift.


Suommo recently unveiled its latest luxury item, The Doll Baby Bottle.  Inspired by the design of Russian babushka dolls, the bottles come in pink gold encrusted with a dazzling array of diamonds and white gold.  The bottles come in five different sizes and range from $62,500 to $144,160. The perfect gift for Russian royalty!


So if money is no object, your baby will be guaranteed to arrive home in sheer luxury when he or she is greeted with a solid gold bassinet, diamond dummy or pink gold bottle.  We’re not sure who exactly is on Suommo’s customer database, but we wonder if Kimye had these on their wish list?

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