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A BB and CC cream test

Recently on beauty blogs and at the cosmetic counter I’ve noticed another miracle in a tube – the BB cream. This stands for Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm. Now there is also CC creams which stands for Colour Correcting.

According to Shonagh Walker, who is one of Australia’s best beauty writers (you might  know her from Body and Soul), BB Creams have myriad uses. “Ultimately, they are healing and regenerating. They provide a sheer tint to the skin while offering sun protection. They are hydrating. They are also beneficial in minimising pigmentation, acne scars and indeed blemishes.” Shonagh said they are not designed to replace foundation. However on the day you’d like to go make-up free but still want a little primping, they can act like a milder tinted moisturiser.

BB creams vary a lot in colour so use the testers to get the best shade for you. Do they instantly perfect the skin like they claim?  Some did. But these products also claim long term regenerating effects. After testing the BBs for six months, all of the testers had ditched their foundations in favour of a lighter look. Especially for the 40 something and the 60 something testers, a lighter BB cream with a little concealer really did make a positive and more youthful difference.

Bobbi Brown Crème BB SPF 35 – $60.00

Applied smoothly and the best at covering dark spots caused by sun or ageing. Good at hiding redness and blemishes too. After three months of use, two of the testers were prepared to ditch their foundation for this product.

In a Good Light SPF Tinted Facial Sunscreen 30+ (Mecca Cosmetica)

Described by Mecca as the Ultimate Beauty Balm, the coverage was too light for even the fair skinned testers and did not cover blemishes like the other BB creams. The illuminating component is a plus, but we didn’t feel there was enough coverage to allow us to leave the house.

L’Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream $29.00

If you want to colour correct redness, this product is perfect. The creme comes out of the tube green but blends with your skin tone on application. This is a good choice if you like your existing performance skin care regime, so don’t need added anti-ageing ingredients.

Garnier BB Cream SPF 15 – $13.99

Really amazing value and we didn’t need to use much concealer under eyes and on the face with this product. If you want to try a BB cream without investing too much in the process – this is a great start.

Smashbox Camera Ready SPF 35 – $54.95 (from Kit Cosmetics)

Acted as an excellent primer for under a little foundation. Once again, not very much coverage and you would use the tube very quickly, but if you like a primer it’s great as it has all those added BB cream benefits. This was our 60-something tester’s favourite.

Origins – A Perfect World BB SPF 15 – $47.00

Really lovely scent but the product only mildly corrected blemishes and evened complexion. In terms of how it felt on the face, it was one of the best – very hydrating. A great weekend only BB cream.

Perricone MD – No Foundation Foundation SPF 30 – $82.00 (from Mecca)

An expensive product for the 30ml bottle so we expected a greatness. The coverage is light so don’t expect it to act as a foundation, but the colour seemed to be good on all testers (which was odd but terrific). Very moisturising and one of the best for long term smoothing results.

L’Oreal Nude Magique BB SPF 12 – $21.56

The white cream with “capsules” that feel like an exfoliant, smooths onto the skin really nicely. This was the 20-something’s favourite product.

Too Faced Tinted BB SPF 20– $47.95 (from Kit Cosmetics)

Felt like your standard tinted moisturiser and two of the testers found it oily even though the product is oil free.

Christian Dior BB Crème SPF 15 – $85.00

The colour is a little dark for the fair skinned but makes the skin feel hydrated. Good primer too, which allows you to use less of your foundation


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3 thoughts on “A BB and CC cream test

  1. I have been using BB creams for years (It has been a hit in Korea, Japan and China for a few years now) and I can honestly say that it is better than any tinted moisturizer. It is perfect for day time use but I do switch back to foundation for dinner dates and parties.

    I have tried pretty much every product on the market, from the original Korean/Japanese brands to Dior. However, my hands down favourite (onto my 3 tube now) is 3 Lab BB cream. This has been called the holy grail of all BB creams and I agree. It has a delicate apple smell to it, with a creamy texture and gives my skin a dewy finish. It is very hydrating and provides good coverage. It also comes with a mini roller for even application. Best of all, I have noticed that my skin has gotten better since using it.

    It is pricy @ around $90 and you have to purchase it online but I highly recommend it.

    1. Hi Esther, where online do you buy the 3Lab BB cream to be shipped to Australia? I’ve had a look but can’t find somewhere that ships here. Thanks

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