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Anaka Take on NYC

What normally takes a hairdresser 40 minutes to do in a salon full of equipment and fancy gadgets, Fashion Week stylists are forced to produce in under 10 minutes.

Kara Layton and Anna Ntalianis of Anaka hair salon were flown by Evo to style the New York Fashion Week show for women’s wear label, TOME.

They worked with renowned Vogue international hairstylist, Peter Grey, who has worked with all the A list celebrities and models such as Miranda Kerr, Heidi Klum and Kate Bosworth – to name drop just a few.

We asked Kara and Anna a few questions about what really happens behind the scenes of Fashion Week, and the newest trends that will hit our shores. Here’s what they told us:

Depending on the label you’re working for, your creativity as a hair artist can either be suppressed and dulled by the wishes of the fashion designer, or given free reign to become your own.

Working for TOME, we were given the freedom to create one look for all the models in their show. To incorporate with the Monochrome they had, we went for hair and make up that would not only complement the block colouring but also contrast it. Hair was slicked down for a wet look at the front – totally on trend – but to veer away from the simple ponytail at the back we added a messy chignon. Because monochrome and the wet look are so sleek already, we believed it needed it to be ruffled up a bit.

Our makeup creation incorporated one bright colour on top of a nude base. We had burnt orange on the eyes, which believe it or not will suit most skin tones, then kept lips and face matte and natural. In fact, this ‘one colour’ concept was across all the shows of NYFW.

Although we had two days to work with the designers prior to the show, on the day of the beauty of fashion turns into a psychotic mess similar to that of peak hour on 5th Avenue.

No matter how prepared you are, models live in a land of their own. We had one model (who’s hair was not dissimilar to an Afro wig) come to us 10 minutes before being due on stage. We had to straighten, gel and sleek her hair, get the make up on, have her nails done, then send her to another room to get dressed. Within 10 minutes!

Never have we worked under so much pressure, there are spray bottles flying through the air, make up brushes tossed from one stylist to the other, models yelling for another cigarette, and designers screaming in every language under the sun to get their show 110% perfect.


Would we do it again? In a heartbeat! It’s the place to be to see what’s coming into fashion. We learned two key trends for the coming season that every woman with drive should know:

1.  Simple, classy outfits with extravagant accessories. It’s all about the shades, shoes, hat and bags. The next seasons will be using accessories to determine your look

2.  Loose casual hair, but not unkempt. You almost have to put effort in to making your hair look like you didn’t put any effort in!


And when you go to New York, MUST SEE places are The Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District and ‘PLEASE DON’T TELL’. The Standard only seems to hire people that are supermodels, and its peak party time is from 3pm to 6am – perfect for jet lagged Australians. Not to mention their Roof top bar is the place to be in the warmer months.

To get into ‘PLEASE DON’T TELL’ you have to walk through a cheesy hot dog shop, then announce your arrival in a telephone booth. 12/10 for originality!


Anaka:  03 9509 9151



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