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Amy Jean

With a star-studded celebrity client list, Amy Jean has become the go-to woman in the industry for perfect brows.  At only 32 years of age, she has opened salons across Australia, worked with faces like Naomi Campbell, and is the proud owner of a Porsche Cayman.


woman with drive contributor Jane Rocca, caught up with the brown queen herself to find out more:


What is the ultimate brow?

My ultimate brow is soft and fluffy. It should never be coarse or look strong and blokey. A huge sin in the eyebrow world for women is trimming. This accelerates growth and your brows grow out protruding forward from the skin. I always wax and tweeze for a softer look.


What are your thoughts on each of the following – threading, plucking, waxing?

Threading has its disadvantages. Upon observation, a lot of hairs are “skimmed” with cotton thread during the process instead of removed from the roots therefore some hairs are effectively trimmed. It might look fabulous when you leave the salon but don’t be fooled, you will witness them grow faster and coarser almost immediately. I like the softness that is created with waxing and tweezing. The hair will always grow back with a soft taper on the end.


Do you recommend waxing eyebrows above the brow  – some salons do this, others are against it.

Shaping above the brow is equally important as waxing underneath and the centre. The difficulty is, that a lot of technicians get a little wax happy and when applying above the brow it can run down into the brow. In summary, only allow a highly skilled brow artist to wax away the fluff above and shape the brow line with tweezers. Be protective and cautious.


How do clients maintain the perfect brow between appointments?

I normally recommend my top three products. Conceal around the eye (Amy Jean Blank Canvas Concealer Stick $35) highlight the brow bone with a white eye shadow (Amy Jean Sheer Shadow $20) then fill the brow line with brow powder (Amy Jean Brow Velvet $55).

If you have strong regrowth tweeze away the obvious strays in between visiting your brow specialist.


Any tips for small business owners who want to venture in this market – is there room for more like yourself?

There is so much demand for a well-shaped brow. My one suggestion would be to refine your craft before you call yourself a specialist. Customers won’t return if you can’t live up to your expert promises at premium prices.


What separates your business from the rest?

I chase emerging trends. You can’t sit still and expect to grow and learn more. I travel extensively overseas to attend trade fairs and I set up “pop-up” salons overseas to work in different industry environments for inspiration. It’s a very fast paced industry. I take time off to refine my skill set so my clients know I’m offering the best possible service.


Tell us about working with celebrities.

I have worked with celebrities overseas including Naomi Campbell, Mel B and Courtney Love. One of my favourite clients is Dannii Minogue. We see each other between my trips to Sydney and Melbourne, depending on which city we are both in at the time. She is a wonderful client, with a great heart and a cheeky sense of humour.  I always make sure I tread carefully with celebrities, as their face is their livelihood.


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Amy Jean Eye Couture

Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand, New York


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