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All I Want For Christmas

Aside from birthdays, Christmas is the only other time of year where we can completely indulge and get away with being a little self-absorbed.  So put your wish list in early this year so Santa will be guaranteed to get it right.


Here is our wish list to Santa (let’s hope he thinks we’ve been nice):



1.    Chanel Vanity Case


Need we say any more?  We want this, and we’ll love anyone who buys it for us.


Available from Chanel boutiques.



2.    Spa Voucher


Any woman with drive knows that sometimes you just need to relax and unwind and what better way to do that then at a spa.  Aurora Spa in Melbourne even has a 12-month membership.  So you’re escape to heaven will be available any time you need.




Also try:



3.    Tiffany Playing Cards


Who doesn’t love a Tiffany blue box?  Play your cards right and add these onto your wish list this year.  This deck of cards is sure to bring some glamour to any late-night game of poker and perfect for longs days on the beach over summer.





4.    Escentric Molecules Molecules 01 Perfume


A perfume so coveted, that Mischa Barton couldn’t even get her hands on it when it launched.   Molecules 01 is a perfume unlike any other and one we want to get our hands on.  The fragrance has only one ingredient – Iso E Super – that reacts specifically with your body chemistry to create your own unique scent.  It smells completely different on everyone.  You can be assured you won’t have to share your smell.





5.    Hermés Clic Clac H Bracelet


The Hermés Clic Clac H bracelet is an absolutely necessary wrist accessory and is the perfect compliment to any outfit.  It also comes in every colour you can imagine so add a few to your wish list and see how lucky you are this Christmas.





6.    Ipad Air


The latest must-have gadget from our tech-savvy friends at Apple.  We all know what it does and why we need it.  Not only does it look ultra chic, this pretty little package weighs less that 500g – so you won’t have to worry about weighing your handbag down.





7.    Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Ipad Sleeve


Naturally, if we there’s a new iPad on our wish-lift, we better ask for a stylish cover to go with it.  Alexander Wang is the master of under-stated cool and this iPad case is no different.  Featuring the classic prisma metal corners and textured leather, how could you carry your iPad in anything else?





8.    Tom Ford Brush Set


Is there a more luxurious way to apply make-up than with Tom Ford brushes?  We think not!  This amazing set has a brush for every occasion and comes in a gorgeous case so you’ll always look like a professional.


Available from David Jones.



9.    Fornasetti Scented Candle


A candle that looks so good you’ll just want to leave it on display.  Piero Fornasetti was an illustrious sculptor, interior designer, graphic artist and painter, and now his son Barnaba and perfumer Olivier Polge have created a range of scented candles that double as a striking decorative object for your home.





10. Christian Louboutin Coffee Table Book


The most stylish coffee table book and accessory for any home.  You’ll be in absolute awe while you flick through the pages of this stunning book complete with pop-ups and a fold out cover.  We know this book will always be in fashion!





11. A Porsche


The ultimate gift for any woman with drive has to be a Porsche and this gift is a must-have on our list!  We suggest staying on Santa’s good side this year, and hopefully he’ll be feeling especially generous by the time Christmas comes around.  We would like a red Cayman please, but we’d also happily accept a black 911.  Thank you Santa.


Visit: to design yours now

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