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A Popular Alternative to Holiday Travel. Would you go ‘Glamping’?

Travel - Glamping

Curious about getting wild with nature just like Reese Witherspoon in her latest flick, but hesitant to forgo your creature comforts? woman with drive have tried and tested a simple solution: glamping. If you haven’t heard of glamping before, glamping = glamourous camping. It’s an alternative approach to off-road travel and a trend that has already fast become popular and ideal for the ladies who love a little luxury. Don’t we all?

A tent for two

We all know that men love the great outdoors – fishing, taking charge of the outdoor BBQ, packing then over packing some more with camping gear. At first it could be a little fun to ditch the creature comforts and be one with nature (and in good company) but the novelty can shortly fade. Pick it back up and head out for a weekend of glamping! It’s the little things that make all the difference, like power points to keep your hair and gadgets in place, a comfortable bed with beautiful sheets, a proper toilet, tea, coffee and all the facilities that will keep it a comfortable yet, still an adventurous kind of holiday.

Ladies trip

A great way to travel with the ladies without doing all the hard yards – who ever liked spending half an hour to set up a tent for the weekend anyway?! Glamping is definitely a much more convenient option. Spend your time with the girls catching up over the fun stuff: nature walks, bubbles and gourmet food over sunsets, a boogie to your favourite songs inside the tent – this is a ladies trip, after all. Wondering what to pack? Just your personal belongings, the sites normally take care of the rest.

Family travel

With Easter just around the corner, glamping for family travels can’t get any better. The great outdoors, stylish accommodation, lots of activities for the kids – everyone wins. Choosing the location is the significant part; you want to make sure there’s something for everyone. Near a beach is always a good start to get the best of both worlds – lush greenery and the deep blue ocean. Here’s a few glamping sites around the world that’s high on our radar:

The Resort at Paws Up, United States
Activities include horseback riding, mountain biking, fly fishing.

Mahali Mzuri, Kenya
Twelve safari tents in the Motorogi Conservancy where wildlife is right at your doorstep.

Wild Retreat at Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada
Attracting couples and loads of families with a variety of activities from art classes and wine pairings to zip-linery, deep-sea fishing, whale watching and rock climbing.
Image Credit: Aubrey Daquinag

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