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A Millinery Designer’s Tribute To Anzac Day


Amelia Hughes was at her wits’ end trying to find a fascinator to match her chosen race day outfit. Nothing out there quite fit her version of accessible, beautiful millinery that would both flatter and uplift even the simplest of dresses. So she did what any closet entrepreneur would do and designed her own line.


That was two years ago. Today My Milliner is a thriving online store that boasts a wide range of hats in a multitude of colours, styles and textures. Canberra-born Amelia began by experimenting with designs in her home studio and now collaborates with local and international designers to get her products into selected boutiques.


She is in fact more than qualified to be an industry player having been a familiar face at the races where she would soak up the trackside glamour while watching her grandfather’s horse compete.


“My brand is glamorous, fun and fabulous,” Amelia said. “It’s for women who want to coordinate an outfit and buy beautiful, ready-to-wear headpieces from the comfort of their living room.”


A self-described gypsy, she derives inspiration from her sojourns to major fashion capitals like Mila, Paris, New York and London. Part of her research involves observing how women use colours and textures as an expression of style, personality and character. She then channels those field notes into a new range of designs.


Her latest design inspiration however was sparked by a source close to her heart and home. Amelia’s great-grandfather is none other than former Australian Prime Minister, William Morris “Billy” Hughes, and she has released a range of feminine limited edition slouch hats to commemorate the Anzac centenary this year.


“It’s a range that is personally significant as my great-grandfather was the Prime Minister during World War 1. I felt compelled to create a line of slouch hats as a tribute to all who served on behalf of our country.”


Despite its classic simplicity, the slouch hats reflect Amelia’s sense of style and are, as she puts it, “a true labour of love.”


(Image credit: Carlos Velasco)



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