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A closer look at luxury sunglasses

When you look at the manufacture of many luxury items, you see why they demand a high price. The skill and craftsmanship employed is often astounding. However, it’s easy to assume that sunglasses are one of those items that are manufactured pretty much the same way regardless of price tag – the difference being an upmarket logo on the side. The reality is quite different.

Moreover, luxury fashion houses are opening their workshops and creating videos to show their manufacturing processes. The results are illuminating.

Chanel has released videos showing the process from the mind of designer Karl Lagerfeld, to the store. This involves a milling process, and then a computer-controlled machine carves frames from coloured plastic sheets. This process produces rims, temples and bridges that are then assembled, finished by hand and then packaged. Although Chanel does not publicise the manufacturing location, the luxury Italian sunglass manufacturer, Luxottica in Italy has the licence to manufacture Chanel sunglasses. In Australia, Luxottica owns chains such as OPSM and Sunglass Hut.

However if you want a little more detail about hand making luxury sunglasses, the Italian brand Retrosuperfuture has a lovely short video, which goes into a little more detail and shows the care and attention that is required to make your up-market sunnies. You can find this brand online or at Glue store.

Based in New York, Lumete is an independent luxury sunglasses brand for women, by women.  A favorite of style icons such as Ms Dita Von Teese.  Lumete’s innovative handmade sunglasses combine sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and exude femininity.  Traditional methods and materials from over a century have been used in its handcrafted eyewear.

The name Lumete (‘lou-met’) is derived from amulet, which means a precious object used for protection and luck, and lumen, meaning light. Drawing inspiration from alchemy and Gnostic symbolism, Lumete’s designs evoke a reverence for eyewear. Lumete sunglasses are made in the USA. Visit

We have posted a few articles about online shopping, but how can you expect to buy luxury sunglasses without trying them on? Ray Ban has the answer and you can get a glimpse of the future of online shopping through their virtual mirror. Have a bit of fun and visit:

However if you want a huge range and amazing service, try the OPSM Eye Hub. Visit:

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