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9 Top In-Flight Travel Beauty Tips


Most business travellers have taken a long haul flight at some point in their career to meet clients or wrap up big deals on the other side of the world. And most will agree that while travelling business or first class is great for the body, it does nothing to prevent airplane air from wreaking havoc on skin and hair.

So how then does a businesswoman head straight from the airport to a boardroom looking like she just stepped out her own front door? woman with drive recommends these nine in-flight travel beauty tips.

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1. Prep on the eve. Get your skin ready the night before by exfoliating your face and body, applying a rich body lotion and putting on a hydrating mask. This simple ritual will help your skin load up on the much-needed moisture.

2. Go barefaced on the day. Airplane air is extremely dehydrating and no matter how expertly you have applied your make-up, it will look flaky and patchy by the time you land. Lightly cleanse your face before leaving your house and apply a rich night cream instead of your regular day cream to keep your skin deeply hydrated.

3. Slick on lip balm. A lip balm packed with essential oils and butters will not only protect and hydrate your lips but also create a super smooth base for your lipstick to glide on later. Pat on the balm once you are in your seat, after every meal or drink, and for every hour that you are awake.

4. Sit up. One of the joys of travelling business or first class is a seat that properly reclines. Get your beauty sleep by all means but spend at least a couple of hours sitting upright before landing to reduce swelling in the face.

5. Use concealer with a warm base. A pink or peach concealer will cleverly camouflage any dark circles or broken capillaries that result from a poor night’s sleep or altitude. The creamier it is, the better it will work at infusing moisture into your skin.

6. Pass on the salt. Pretzels, peanuts and cookies all contain a high salt content that will leave you looking and feeling bloated by the time you land. The lighter you eat, the better you will also sleep.

7. Drink up. Many air travellers drink significantly less water than they should and tend to chug down one large bottle at the start or end of the flight. Ideally, you should sip on a cup of hot water every hour throughout the flight. Warm water is meant to be better for your capillaries and blood flow. If you need flavour, ask for herbal tea.

8. Ice your eyes. Ask for ice cubes half an hour before landing, wrap them in tissue and hold them to each eyelid for a few minutes to reduce any puffiness.

9. Wash & put your hair up. Wash your hair the day of the flight and leave out any hairspray or gel. Apply leave-in conditioner to the ends and use cloth scrunchies to keep it in two low twisted chignons or put it up in a high bun. Release it after disembarking for instant, soft waves.


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