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9 Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity

Productivity Apps

In an age when there is an app for almost everything, the river of reasons for unproductivity tends to quickly run dry. From note-taking to project management and even building relationships, these 9 apps will simplify your life in a few swipes or taps.



Letterspace (iOS)




The Note-Taker. Its beautifully crafted design lets you hashtag key words and @tag people in your notes to easily find them later. It keeps your notes up to date across all devices via iCloud and has a companion Mac app so your notes can be accessed on your desktop.



Timeful (iOS)




The Life Organiser. Its algorithm merges your calendar and to-do list to find the best time to get things done. All you need to do is tell it what needs to be struck off your list by what date.



Quip (Android, iOS)




The Collaborator. Create, import and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations with your project team from any device. The messaging sidebar keeps everyone in touch all the time.



Mailbox (Android, iOS)




The Inbox Cleaner. Achieve zero inbox status by swiftly scanning messages, archiving or trashing emails, “snoozing” messages for later and automatically muting certain conversations. The only snag is that you need to be a Gmail or iCloud email user.



Trello (Android, iOS)




The To-Do Tracker. A digital bulletin board for creating “lists” that are then filled with “cards” comprising tasks, notes, ideas or pictures. Use it for keeping track of personal projects or creating a vision board.



Asana (Android, iOS)




The Project Manager. Replaces endless email threads with a daily snapshot of the work in progress, looming deadlines and ideas. It keeps your team organised, connected and focused on results.



LastPass (Android, iOS)




The Password Vault. Saves your passwords, fills logins online and securely syncs your passwords wherever you need them. Also generates strong new passwords and includes a Secure Notes feature for important information in an encrypted form.



Pocket (Android, iOS)




The Article Saver. An offline reading tool that allows you to save articles and videos for later viewing so you can concentrate on the task at hand and catch up on your reading later. It is especially handy ahead of flights, during unexpected delays or while waiting in a long line.



Workflow (iOS)




The Apps and Actions Connector. Enables you to customise your phone so that it performs a necessary action ahead of an upcoming event or task. For instance, you can instruct it to call a cab before each calendar appointment or upload each photo you take on social media.


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