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8 Luxury Travel Essentials To Pack On Your Next Trip

Luxury Travel Essentials

Those for whom travel is a way of life have not just amassed frequent flier points but also an invaluable checklist of luxury travel essentials that make their passage a whole lot smoother. From the time the seatbelt sign goes off right through their hotel stay, they rely on their meticulously curated travel companions to keep them well rested, impeccably groomed and always as fresh as a flower. Here are eight luxury travel essentials that should have a home in your check-in luggage or carry-on the next time you are getting ready to jet set again.

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#1: Cashmere



Hermes double face cashmere blanket


Whether it is a blanket, a shawl, a sweater or a pair of socks, you cannot go wrong with cashmere. Not only does it feel luxurious but a shawl or sweater by Jac+Jack will also add an element of dressiness to any outfit. A Hermes blanket and socks by The White Company will keep you deliciously warm, be it on the plane or while watching sunrises and sunsets.


#2: Waterproof Footwear


André Assous 'Seabiscuit' Waterproof Quilted Boot


The last thing you want when you are out exploring a new city on foot is to get caught in a surprise downpour and spend the rest of the day with cold feet in sodden shoes. Choose from Chooka’s stylish rain boots, Andre Assous’ sleek high boots or Sperry’s chic low boots. And then stroll through those puddles without a care in the world!


#3: Nude Eyeliner


M.A.C Cosmetics Eye Kohl


Maybe you have had a rough long-haul flight. Or perhaps jetlag has kept you up all night. Nude eyeliner is tired eyes’ best friend. Rim your lower lash line, especially the inner corner, and you will look instantly refreshed and awake. This eye kohl by M.A.C. Cosmetics is a winner!


#4: Noise-cancelling headphones


 Shure noise-cancelling earphones


Leave the bulky set at home and pack a ear-bud-style type instead. Then sit back and enjoy your book or in-flight entertainment without distractions. These Shure earphones are also perfect if you are travelling in a group and need a little quiet time.


#5: A Go-Everywhere Bag


Sara Barner Russell+Tote Bag


This is the extra bag that you unpack the minute you check into your hotel, and take with you everywhere. Pick a flat one in a basic shape and colour so that it neither hogs the space in your suitcase nor scream “tourist!” And it will also complement every single one of your outfits like these Sara Barner or Kate Sheridan designs.


#6: A Contoured Sleep Mask

Contoured Dreamweaver Sleep Mask

No more tossing up between blocking out the light and waking up with messy eye makeup. The design enables you to blink and allows for air circulation. The Dreamweaver Contoured Sleep Mask by Sleep Solutions is also lightweight and perfect for side sleepers.


#7: A Portable Fitness Class


EkhartYoga's Online Yoga Classes


Travel is not an excuse for hitting the Pause button on your fitness routine. The simplest workout would be to throw in a daily walk but if you prefer to stay indoors then get a travel yoga mat like the eKO SuperLite mat by manduka or even just set of YogaPaws, and enrol in EkhartYoga’s online classes led by an impressive line-up of international teachers.


#8: A Water Bottle


321Water Sippra Water Bottle


The importance of staying hydrated while travelling cannot be emphasised enough. But mineral water can be pricey in certain countries so arm yourself a lightweight trendy water bottle to fill up before and wherever possible during the day. The locally made 321 Filtered Water Bottle is ideal but if you like your H2O with a little flavour then the Define Bottle would be right up your alley.


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