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6 Wilderness Retreats To Revive Your Spirits

Wilderness Retreats

Being close to nature brings out a part of us that often gets lost in our busy urban lives. Be it mountains, the ocean or land that stretches into the horizon, spending time in a setting that allows us to show up as our natural selves can be exhilarating.

No surprise then that wilderness retreats have become just as popular as spa retreats when it comes to stripping ourselves of the daily stresses and embracing the simpler rhythms of life. Seen as alternate form of therapy, these retreats help guests unplug, unwind and reconnect with themselves through an incredible wilderness experience.

Here are woman with drive’s top six picks of wilderness retreats that will revive your spirits and renew your zest for life.

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Cradle Mountain Lodge, Australia


Cradle Mountain Lodge

Tasmania’s premier wilderness lodge has repeatedly found itself on the world’s top luxury resort lists for good reason. Located close to the World Heritage listed Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, the lodge opens a doorway to deep immersion in its magnificent landscape. Whether it is a walk through the towering forests, a horseback ride or canoeing on Dove Lake, the connection with nature is a pure and unfiltered one.



Bamurru Plains, Australia


Bamurru Plains

Expect innovative Australian cuisine and premium wines but not televisions, minibars or telephones at this nine-room luxury camp on the edge of Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory. The understated luxury melds seamlessly with the floodplains and savannah woodland to offer one of Australia’s richest wildlife experiences. Take a private safari drive to The Hide, an exclusive screened platform in a tree canopy with a 360° view of the floodplains, for a chef-prepared picnic lunch and an afternoon of watching the wildlife in their natural habitat.



Siwash Lake Wilderness Resort, Canada


Siwash Lake

A small and remote yet sophisticated lodge that promises a taste of freedom, adventure and rejuvenation. Ranked as one of Canada’s top luxury wilderness resorts, this ruggedly beautiful hideaway is renowned not just for its excellent facilities and nature-inspired activities but also for a landscape that inspires one to unplug and unwind. It gives a new meaning to embracing the solitude.



The Resort at Paws Up, USA


Paws Up

Whether you choose a sprawling private home or a luxury safari-style tent, your daily life in this wilderness sanctuary will revolve around adventure and a soaking up of Montana’s natural beauty. The resort boldly calls itself The Last Best Place because it knows that living amidst endless forest, intersected by miles of the Blackfoot River and sitting under an open sky is an experience that can be tough to top.



Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, South Africa


Bushmans Kloof

One of the world’s premier eco-lodges, Bushmans Kloof is a South African Natural Heritage Site and custodian of over 130 ancient Bushman rock art sites on the reserve that is under its preservation. Feel the pulse of the South African wilderness by going on a walking or driving tour of the spectacular nature reserve or hiking and biking on your own. Complete the day with an extraordinary dinner under the stars at a secluded cottage or by the Boontjies River.



ION Luxury Adventure Hotel, Iceland


Ion Luxury

If you yearn to be surrounded by infinite space, then your wish will be granted here. Less than an hour away from Reykjavik sits a solitary hotel that seems to stretch out from its backdrop of mountainous lava fields. The air is beautifully crisp, the silence startling deep and the horizon impossibly far away. Soak in a hot tub under the Northern Lights, trek across a glacier or kayak down an icy river. However you spend you time there, you will return to the daily hustle of life with renewed vigour.

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