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6 Luxury Subscription Boxes Every Woman Will Love

Luxury Subscription Boxes

When you are a woman on the go finding time for personal shopping can be difficult. But there is a solution.

What if you could get send yourself a box of curated premium items that perfectly match your dress size, lifestyle and personal taste without having to lift a finger or leave your home? If you have not yet discovered the joys of a subscription box, this is the time to start.

Subscriptions boxes have become the ideal alternative for busy women to stay on trend with the least amount of effort. Either fill in a style guide for a personal stylist to work from or sign up for surprise boxes if you know and love the featured brands.

woman with drive has picked the top six luxury subscription boxes that promise to hit the sweet style spot .



For the woman who knows – and truly loves – her jewellery
What can $25,000 get you? Well, if you invest in an Opulent box, your returns will take the form of extraordinary pieces of jewellery from renowned brands such as Cartier, Chopard and Fred of Paris. The style survey will tell your personal concierge what you adore and you are allowed to change your mind even after opening your quarterly box. The world’s first luxury jewellery subscription box comes enclosed with appraisals, certificates and little extra touches to make it all the more special.


5th Avenue Style

For the woman whose trademark is effortless elegance
If you cannot take a daily stroll on 5th Avenue, then bring its style to you. Each of 5th Avenue Style’s beautiful boxes is filled with 4-5 pieces of designer accessories that strike a balance between the latest trends and classic styles. The Deluxe contains the latest pieces from designers like Valentino and Moschino, while the Liberty Capsule revolves around the concept of a capsule wardrobe. The Quarterly VIP includes popular European designers and seasonal pieces, and the Quarterly Dress For Success is curated specifically for the professional woman.


Box Of Style

For the woman who appreciates some cheek with her chic
The next best thing to being personally styled by celebrity fashion designer, Rachel Zoe, is receiving a style box curated by her just for you. Each season has a dedicated box containing one hero item and an assortment of the latest beauty, fashion and lifestyle pieces. The Box of Style team works with established and upcoming designers so your box will be filled with sophisticated chic as well as edgier, innovative designs.



For the woman who believes variety is the spice of life
Would you like style maven and creative director of Marie Claire magazine, Nina Garcia, to pack you a box of her favourite finds? Or maybe you prefer a box of creative ideas from bestselling author, Timothy Ferriss. And if you are a foodie, then Chef Niki Nakamaya’s culinary box will thrill your palate. Quarterly knows that there are many different sides to one person and its diverse team of curators aims to satisfy them all. Some curators also go the extra mile by enclosing a personal note on the box’s theme and the meaning behind each chosen product.


Minimalism & Co.

For the woman who cherishes her space
Minimalism and Co. packs its boxes with original and exclusive designer goods that are dual gender, timeless, beautiful and most importantly, functional. Its founder, Aja Nicole Edmond, is a minimalist herself so you are assured that nothing in your box will contribute to clutter of any kind. The boxes are curated every quarter from designers and brands with a story to tell and with products ranging from travel basics, personal accessories, home goods, beauty products and small electronics.



For the woman who values her privacy
Is there any woman who does not love trying on luxurious lingerie in the privacy and comfort of her own bedroom? Even better if that lingerie reflects exquisite craftsmanship that would go unappreciated under the harsh florescent light of changing rooms. Self-professed lingerie lover, SkivvieBox, fills its boxes with exclusive brands and styles you would not chance upon in a store. To wrap up the intimate experience, each box also carries a fit guarantee in the unlikely even that it misses the mark.


Image credit: 5th Avenue Style


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