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5 Ways To Instantly Update Your Personal Style

Personal Style

Our personal style says so much about who we are as a person. It expresses our individuality, reflects our mood and even shapes our confidence. So the big question is, does your current style reflect who you are right now? Or does it still harken back to who you were many years ago?

Often, our style suffers because we are time poor. Who has time to think about fashion when there are a hundred other “more important” things to do? But when our clothes dictate how we present ourselves to the rest of the world, then thinking about our style is suddenly no longer frivolous or a waste of time. So if you decide that you are stuck in a style rut, here are five easy steps towards updating your look in snap:


1. Add a statement piece

One way to enhance your style without too much effort is to add a statement piece or a third layer to your every day outfit. This extra piece will lend another dimension to your usual style and instantly make it visually more interesting. Statement pieces that can truly elevate your style are a great jacket, vest, cardigan or coat.

And do not overlook your shoes! A pair of standout shoes can be the focal point of your look. Even if the rest of your outfit is understated, great statement shoes can make a big impact on the whole look. Faux snakeskin or a red pair of shoes is perfect for this purpose.

Be selective with these pieces and put some thought into how each will either meld in with the rest of your outfit or pull it together.

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2. Wear the same clothes differently

Break the habit of wearing each item the way everyone else is wearing it. For instance, your favourite summer dress can be worn in winter with a black turtleneck, black opaque tights and boots.

Take your cue from fashion stylists who get the most out of each clothing item by mixing and matching them to create many different looks from fewer items. This is why a capsule wardrobe works so well. If you are new to this concept, look to magazines and Pinterest boards for ideas and inspiration.

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3. Change your handbag

Your handbag says a lot about your style and it is fascinating how so many women carry the same bag every single day for years! You do not wear the same outfit every day so why carry the same handbag? Have a variety of handbags to choose from in different shapes, sizes and colours. Like shoes, this is a great way to instantly alter a familiar look or style so give your creative side full reign here!


4. Accessorise

Just as a gorgeous handbag can take you out of the style doldrums so too can stunning accessories. French women have very small wardrobes but keep their outfits looking fresh and chic every day with the clever use of belts, scarves or necklaces. Have you seen the many ways a French woman ties a single scarf? Invest in a few truly beautiful accessories and you will have a range of new looks literally at your fingertips.


5. Update your hairstyle and makeup

You have been experimenting with different styles but still wind up looking pretty much the same year after year. Perhaps it is not your outfit that needs updating but your hairstyle and makeup. Have you been wearing your hair in the same cut and colour for the last five years? If the answer is yes, then it is time for an update. Ditto for your makeup.

While it is not feasible to change your physical appearance each year, an update every now and again is almost a necessity. This is the one area that can transform and enhance your style and take years off your look.


Christine Maikuosis Style You ChicChristine Maikousis is a certified personal stylist and the director of Style You Chic. She believes that confidence is greatly influenced by one’s appearance and has made it her mission to guide women towards discovering a style that works beautifully for each of them.



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