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5 Ways To Enjoy Repeat Success

Repeat Success

A one-hit wonder. A flash in the pan. There are many ways to describe a fiery success that fizzles as fast as it exploded. Such brief successes are painful but the most unfortunate part of their brevity is that they could have been built upon and repeated multiple times over.

There are many reasons why some people are never quite able to follow up on a successful debut and why others go on to enjoy a string of repeat performances. woman with drive has listed five ways to ensure that you belong to the latter group.

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#1: Understand the logic behind your success

Your success may have caught you by surprise but that is no excuse to brush it off as a fluke. There was likely a very good reason behind that success and your job is to find, understand and repeat it.

Retrace your steps to the very start of the process and identify a turning point. This will provide you with valuable insights and a proven strategy for a similar situation in the future.

If you cannot pinpoint anything specific, write down the steps involved for future reference. Look for patterns and analyse them. Understanding the logic behind one success will boost the likelihood of a follow-up success.


#2: Keep Moving Forward By Making Different Decisions

Business and career planning are essentially a series of big and small decisions. First you decide to start a company. Then you decide to grow that company by taking on more clients and projects. Next, you decide to create a sister company that offers a different suite of services. Each time a big role is absorbed, the next step looms and more decisions need to be made. Growing, moving and changing are the only ways to graduate from one success to the next.

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#3: Stay Ahead of The Curve

Many people fall behind because they take it easy after the first success. Instead this is the exact time you need to press down on the accelerator to keep up to speed with evolving trends, technology, market conditions and relationships.

Hollywood movie producer, Ralph Winter, once remarked that creating a successful movie is not about knowing what is popular now but what will be popular five years from now. So keep reading, having conversations and working harder than you did before that first success.


#4: Hold A Long Term View

All of us have a dream project that fuels and drives us forward. The danger lies in being so consumed by that one project that we are left with nothing once that dream turns into reality and is over.

Always be working on at least two smaller projects so when the dream is finally lived, you have a follow-up project to pitch or create. This is absolutely crucial because there is nothing worse than riding high on one great success today only to crash land tomorrow. Keep your eye on the horizon rather than on a finish line right ahead of you.


#5: Focus On A Good Brand Rather Than A Good Product

Many entrepreneurs go into business with a good product rather than a good brand idea. But unlike a brand, a product is easily replicated. In other words, if a larger company spies a start-up with a good product, it will simply replicate it on a bigger scale and market it with a bigger budget.

Apply this concept to yourself in which you are the brand and your best skill is the product. In order to be sustainable, make your intangible brand rather than your tangible skill the reason behind each of your successes.


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