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5 Unique Places Around the World to Spoil Yourself

Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Between work, relationships and trying to keep up with a decent social calendar, you barely have time to spoil yourself. Besides the fortnightly mani and pedi, taking time out to completely focus on yourself is a rare moment. For a dedicated and truly unique way to spend time on you – and only you – be sure to experience one of these five unique places around the world. Then, check back with us and tell us all about it!


Blue Lagoon, Iceland

A natural phenomenon and one of the 25 wonders of the world, Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland for obvious reasons. This geothermal hot spring spa is situated within a stunning backdrop and forces of nature that leave you refreshed and energised. Transform the softness of your skin with the silica mud mask found on the side of the lagoon, or treat yourself to ultimate relaxation by combining your visit with a unique water massage. Before leaving, be sure to enjoy the eye candy of breathtaking views from the rooftop.


Hershey Chocolate Spa, United States

Speaking of stunning views and eye candy, how about indulging in some real candy? The Hershey Chocolate Spa allows you to enjoy chocolate without a single bite or calorie! Get a taste of sweet relaxation with their decadent collection of chocolate treatments like the cocoa massage (they use their signature chocolate scented massage oil), whipped cocoa bath to soften and renew the skin, or chocolate bean polish for gentle exfoliation. And if you really can’t resist the urge you can indulge in sweet treats – from a simple hot cocoa to fancy wine and chocolate pairings – at Hotel Hershey.


Tamarind Springs Forest Spa, Thailand

After taking a well-deserved break to nurture yourself at one of Asia’s most acclaimed spas, there’s no doubt you’ll return glowing and more relaxed. Experience the tranquillity and idyllic setting of Tamarind Springs Forest Spa in Koh Samui for a digital detox. Reconnect with nature in the special forest spa and unique herbal steam room built in a natural rock cave. The benefits? Lower stress levels, increase in blood circulation and a stronger immune system. The herbal mix invigorates, helps cleanse the body of toxins and clears respiratory passages while revitalising the skin.


Aqua Dome Spa, Austria

For inner balance and harmony, escape to the stylish and luxurious Aqua Dome: a hotel and thermal spa all in one. This futuristic 4 star spa hotel sits amidst beautiful refreshing views of Ötzal in Tirol. Their medical spa combines health and relaxation benefits similar to Blue Lagoon. Make sure you enjoy the soothing effect of the sulfur thermal water in their ‘floating cups’ that have underwater music and light effects at night. You will immediately feel recharged and brand new.


The Farm at San Benito, Philippines

The Philippines is often overlooked when planning a trip to South-East Asia but is definitely a destination not to be missed! For a complete health and wellness experience, balance your body, mind and spirit at The Farm at San Benito – an eco spa and raw food retreat committed to educating guests about proper nutrition and lifestyle. Relax, recharge and learn from their healing sanctuary spa treatments, wellness activities, ALIVE! Cuisine and lush surroundings. Stays range from five days to four weeks, and suits any kind of traveler – solo, couple or group. The famous Woody Harrelson is a big fan; we wonder how long he stayed for.


Image credit: Greenland Travel

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