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5 Minutes With Porsche Race Driver Amanda Sparks

Amanda Sparks

The Porsche Rennsport Motor Racing Festival 2016 got off to a roaring start today with more than a few notable names seen at the Sydney Motorsport Park. One of them was Australian Porsche race driver, Amanda Sparks, who was there to assist her husband and fellow racer, Greg Keene.

Amanda, who has raced in Porsches for the past 15 years, has previously shown off her driving prowess in her 1974 Porsche Carrera RS.

“I just love how you can hop in Porsches, start them and they go,” she told woman with drive. “And they go hard and fast. They are fantastic and so reliable!”

The mother of one has had her hands full with organising her and Greg’s participation at motorsport events but said this year has been a quieter one for them.

The couple expect to chalk up between six to eight events by the end of the year compared to 12 events in previous years. Unsurprisingly, their fierce passion and commitment has not gone unnoticed by their daughter.

“Because we do so many events, she has started go-karting,” Amanda laughed. “So we’ll wait and see where that goes.”

When asked what car she buckles up in for a leisurely spin, there was no hesitation.

“The 911 GT2. It is a car to have some fun with!”


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