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5 Easy Ways To Jump-Start Your Spring Fitness Routine

Spring Fitness Routine

You had planned to get back onto the fitness bandwagon with a brand new spring fitness routine. One month into the season and your workout gear still bears the cobwebs of winter. But all is not lost. Anytime of the year is a great time to get back into fitness so you can never be too late. Here are five easy ways to jump-start your spring fitness routine.


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#1. Revisit Your Fitness Goals

Your body would have changed over the last three or more months and last season’s workout goals and plans may no longer adequately meet your needs. Your old plan may need a few tweaks or even a complete overhaul. Whichever it is, think about your life goals over the next six months to a year and make the necessary adjustments based on those goals. For instance, if you are planning to run a marathon or start hiking, then your new spring fitness routine should reflect the different stages of preparation.

#2. Head Into The Light

Going outdoors on cold, dark winter mornings or evenings can be a formidable challenge but the longer daylight hours in Spring means it is time to return to morning workouts. This is the one time of the day of which you have control so start it on the right note. Studies have also shown that you burn more fat if you exercise in the morning.


#3. 10 Minutes, 21 Days

You have heard the saying that it takes 21-days for a new habit to form. So create your own 21-day challenge. Keep it to 10 minutes a day for a start so you do not get discouraged too early on if you have to rise earlier or work later on the odd day. Introduce a small new aspect to your fitness routine each day and a bigger one each week to keep it fresh. Aim for progress not perfection. All you want to do for now is get back into the fitness game so do not sabotage yourself by trying to do everything in one go.


#4. Plan, Plan, Plan

Spend Sunday night mapping out your fitness routine for the week, and do not limit it to sessions at the gym or a class. If you pass a beautiful walking trail or park on your daily commute, plan your day around stopping there on your way to work or back home. Or cycle or walk to work if it is feasible. Otherwise stash an extra workout bag in your car so you are well equipped if a meeting finishes earlier or if you are seized by a bout of spontaneity.


#5. Eat A Spring Diet

The saying, you are what you eat, holds true especially for your energy levels. Ditch the heavier food of winter and fashion your spring meals around more vegetables and fruit. Not only will you feel more alert and energised but your workouts will take a turn for the better too.

Image credit: Manuka Life

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