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4 Hand Creams To Nourish and Revive Tired Hands

luxury hand creams

Busy days often mean busy hands. Whether tapping on a keyboard, giving the little ones a bath or carrying heavy bags, our hands do it all without even a squeak of protest. Then one day we happen to glance down and suddenly notice how terribly weary and neglected they are.

Our next impulsive move – heading out to splurge on a tube of hand cream that promises to bring our hands back to life. But which one from the dizzying range out there fits the job description?

woman with drive has tried and tested four luscious hand creams that live up to the promise of bringing tired hands back to life. Here are our verdicts:


Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream by Trilogy

This deeply nourishing hand cream is the latest addition to Trilogy’s range of luxury natural body care products. Its combination of jojoba, marula and certified organic rosehip oils creates a rich cream that softens, protects and soothes. A heavenly treat for hardworking hands. 

Consistency: Beautifully smooth, soft and glides on nicely without leaving the dreaded greasy residue.

Fragrance: An exquisitely unusual blend of citrus and sweet manuka honey that is not too overpowering.

Verdict: This cream works best on parched skin. It sinks deeply into dry hands especially on the unexpectedly crisp spring days. The smoothness is a big plus point here, and your hands will be super soft for a long while.


Nourishing Hand and Body Cream by Earth Botanics Gardeners

A fresh botanical formulation packed with natural emollients and minerals to deeply nourish fatigued hands. Its manuka oil is renowned for antibacterial qualities while the manuka honey has been blended with lemongrass, orange and rosemary to restore dry, damaged skin.

Consistency: Rich and heavy. Not to be used if you are in a hurry as it needs a while to be fully massaged into the skin.

Fragrance: Long lasting and full-bodied without being overpowering.

Verdict: Slather it on overnight and slip on a pair of mittens. You will awaken to a beautifully soft pair of hands the next morning.


Gingerlily Replenishing Hand Cream by Molton Brown

Designed to treat hands to a touch of luxury every day, this cream is infused with a Tahitian influence in its use of white lily extract, white truffle extract and enriching Tahitian tamanu nut oil. Luxury crosses into exoticism with this cream.

Consistency: So light it instantly disappears into your skin. Applying this cream is like wearing a pair of the thinnest silk gloves. Small dabs throughout the day work better than a dollop once a day.

Fragrance: Very discreet. The person next to you may not smell it but lift your hands to your nose and try not to swoon when you inhale the incredible scent.

Verdict: A cream to keep with you at all times. Its nifty size makes it a definite travel companion and its scent is an instant picker upper. Ideal for daily, frequent use.


Wild Kashmir Hand Lotion by Subtle Energies

A smooth, lightweight lotion that is easily absorbed into the skin. Its hero ingredients include wild turmeric, Kashmir lavender, palmarosa (an Indian species of lemongrass) and frankincense for long-lasting hydration and a non-greasy finish.

Consistency: Rich but lightweight enough to steer clear of a greasy aftermath.

Fragrance: The blended scents are very aromatic and could take a little getting used to unless you prefer stronger scents. But the fragrance settles and lingers for a while, leaving you with lovely perfumed hands.

Verdict: Sinks beautifully into the skin, and leaves it soft and supple for ages. It is ayurveda aromatherapy literally at your fingertips!

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