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4 Design Keys To A Gorgeous Living Space


More often than not, styling a new living space or sprucing up an existing one calls for the keen eye and impeccable taste of a professional interior designer. But what if you tapped into your own design instinct instead?


After all, you hold the clearest vision of the aesthetics and vibe that your ideal living space should embody. And that is your starting point. Next, would be to understand how different facets play a role in pulling the entire space together.


To set you off on the right path, we spoke to interior designer, Sally Caroline Klopper, on the finer points of styling a living area. “When planning your perfect living space consider both the comfort you seek individually and the scene for entertaining,” she advised. “It should be considered both functionally and stylistically.”


These are Sally’s four key areas of focus when designing a gorgeous living space:



“Natural and artificial light define the mood or function of a space and should be considered over the course of the day. Select and place varying light sources, like pendant lights, table lamps and floor lamps, to manipulate the mood and create warmth. Light is a filter that sits over the space so if the lighting is wrong, it will ruin even the most gorgeous room.”


Our tip: Light three of the four corners and focus one light on a feature piece like a painting or an unusual chair. Combine table and floor lamps in a mix of upward shine and downward glow.



“Always start with a focal point which could either be grand in size like a sofa or grand in presence like a piece of art. From there, start building complimentary layers. Continue to build over time by layering texture, colour and pattern geometry. Feel free to edit over time too as some pieces eventually run their course.”


Our tip: Add a shiny element to break up heavy arrangements, and a clear element for variety.


Investment Pieces

“I take a collector’s mindset to design in that I slowly collect important and valuable pieces over time to complete the picture. It’s a gradual process. I would recommend slowly collecting special and timeless pieces of furniture, art and accessories rather than buying it all in one hit from one showroom. Always make it quality over quantity.”


Our tip: Invest in a good quality rug and a sofa. Both promise longevity and can be fantastic focal points in a room.


Indoor Plants

“I adore plants. They liven up indoor spaces by imbuing a fresh lushness that no inanimate object can achieve.”


Our tip: Consult an expert at your local nursery to find out which plants are best suited to your home, and how much light and water each one needs.


How have you designed your own living space? Share your tips with us in the comment section below!


Image credit: Sunland Group

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