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The 30-Minute Boob Job

The 30-Minute-Boob-Job-Macrolane-Fillers

Macrolane has been heralded as the 30-minute boob job, fast enough to schedule into your lunchbreak and walk back to work one cup larger. The revolutionary new injectable filler may just be the perfect alternative to breast implants.


The treatment uses the same injectable filler that has helped change the face of many women, enhancing lips, cheeks and lines all around the world.  A stabilised hyaluronic acid is injected into the chest and the tissue is then moulded into the desired shape. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and is likely to cause swelling, bruising and discomfort for a few days after the treatment. The result is an increase of a whole cup size in a short 30-minute treatment.


Macrolane is not just limited to the chest, with some women using the fillers for a little added lift in other areas of the body. Big-bottomed beauty, Kim Kardashian, has come under the microscope countless times for denying rumours she uses this procedure to increase the size of her derriere.


The treatment costs approximately $5,500 for the initial injections and then around $2,500 for top-up injections each year thereafter to maintain the effect.


Like all breast augmentation procedures, the long-term effects aren’t always swell and some experts suggest the treatment affects the reliability and readability of mammograms. While these concerns are purely speculative with no proven research to date, additional assessment techniques are used to combat these concerns.


Men with Drive will also be thrilled to hear that Macrolane fillers are not just on offer to women. Those desiring more perky pecks can use the treatment to create the perfectly sculpted, Greek Adonis-like physique they have always dreamed of.


If you have tried out this procedure, please leave us a comment or send an email to – we would love to know about your experience.


Marcolane is available from Peter Callan Plastic Surgeon in Victoria.

For further information on Macrolane, visit:


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