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3 Spring Juice Recipes For Busy Mothers

Energising spring juices

There are three necessities that all busy mothers need for everything to run smoothly with the family – energy, stress relief and optimum health. With the weather warming up, what better time to get the juicer out and create some colourful healthy juices. Here are three recipes to get that ultimate kick-start to a jam-packed day:


For Energy

We all know the benefits of consuming our greens yet often fall by the wayside because of our busy schedule. Try to get into the habit of replacing your morning coffee with a green juice instead. It is an easy, quick and healthy alternative that sets the mood for the day.

“Chlorophyll, the green pigment in plants, helps oxygenate the blood, creating increased brain function and physical energy.” – Judita Wignall, Going Raw

Energy Juice Recipe
1x cucumber
1x handful kale
1x handful spinach
1x handful Parsley
8x stalks Celery
½ green apple
¼ lemon
A dash of green tea matcha powder


For Immunity

There is nothing positive that comes from catching a bug from the kids. This juice allows for increasing our immunity levels in order for us to stay healthy and well all year round.

Immunity Juice Recipe
3x carrots
1x beetroot
1x stalk broccoli
8x stalks celery
2x garlic cloves


For Stress Relief

A little stress relief goes a long way. Fit in an afternoon juice accompanied by some time in the sun and see how much of a difference it makes.

“Spinach is high in the amino acid tryptophan, which helps elevate your mood and promotes better sleep.” – Margaret Floyd, Eat Naked

Stress Relief Juice Recipe
1x large carrot
2x handfuls spinach
3x stalks broccoli
3x stalks celery

Image Credit: Naked Treaties

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