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3 Kick Ass Habits of Slim Chicks

As someone who struggled with weight all my life, I have always been fascinated with how ‘naturally slim’ women ate, and used to watch them from the sidelines.  What I found was that slim chicks had some habits that I had to adopt, and that allowed me to get to a point that I never imagined possible.


Here are the top three habits of slim chicks that any woman with drive can adopt:



Kick ass slim fit chicks never go on diets

Chicks that constantly struggle with weight are the ones that always seem to be on some sort of Low Carb, High Protein, Zone diet, Atkins, anything!

These are also the same chicks that would always put the weight back on after their fad diet came to an end and in most cases even more!  They would either be ‘really good’ and deprive themselves or have binge sessions where there were no limits.

Kick ass slim chicks on the other hand, have consistent rules for themselves.  For example, they do have dessert occasionally, but they are careful to have only a small portion.

In order to create permanent changes with your eating habits, you need to make sure that you never feel deprived and most of all that you are never on a diet.



Kick ass slim fit chicks only eat when they are hungry

Hungry or not – back when I was struggling with my weight, if I was presented with a delectable platter of food – it would be highly likely that I would not resist the temptation of stuffing the food in my mouth.

The mindset of struggling overweight chicks is that if this food were not eaten immediately, the opportunity would never present itself again.  This is an interesting mindset for a person living in an affluent country where food shortages are unheard of.

Kick ass slim chicks do not think like that.  No matter what delicacies are placed in front of them, if they are not hungry, they don’t eat it.  They know that they would not enjoy their food if they were not hungry.  Simple.



It’s all about portion, portion, portion

Kick Ass Slim Chicks are not greedy and will only eat as much as their body actually needs.   Not a single bite extra.  Sure, they will still have their treats and fatty foods but they have a small portion and only occasionally.

Chicks that struggle with their weight often eat far more than they actually need and tend to be guided by what they see rather than by how hungry they feel.  I call this Portion Distortion.

The secret to avoiding diets, portion size and only eating when you are hungry is to never do it alone. You need the support of someone who is already a slim chick.


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