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3 Fashionable Ways To Wear A Travel Scarf

Take Me To New York

If there is one thing that must be on your fashion travel essentials list, it has to be a scarf. From cashmere to silk, a scarf is versatile, easy to wear and a great way to instantly add chic to your look while you are on the road.

The warmer months ahead call for a light and colourful scarf in beautiful, raw fabrics like linen and silk. Combining her passion for travel and fashion is Rhamya Freitas, founder and photographer behind the beautiful Get Me To New York liquid soft silk scarves.

From the grand doors of a sacred Indian palace to cliff side villas in Santorini, Rhamya captures a state of travel, roaming from city to city to bring the wearer on a worldly sartorial journey. Each piece is a coveted work of fashion art, to be worn around the neck or feet, to be held, or even framed.

woman with drive asked Rhamya about her favourite scarf styles and the story behind each travel photograph.


The Pineapples Scarf


Pineapples Scarf by Take Me To New York



“I took this image roadside in Gampa, Sri Lanka where we stopped for a snack. It is half an hour outside Colombo and you will find dirt roads lined with pineapple vendors. Stop for a snack of fresh pineapple slices with chili salt, and some tea with condensed milk in true Sri Lankan style!”


The Pink City Cashmere Scarf


Pink City Cashmere Scarf by Take Me To New York


“This photo was taken during my time in Jaipur, the pink city. It is a close-up of the Wind Palace. This particular trip was a road trip between Agra, Jaipur and Udaipur in Northern India. Known as Hawa Mahal, this red and pink sandstone beauty was constructed for the female royals to wear while watching street festivities.”


The Tea and Flowers Scarf


Tea and Flowers Scarf by Take Me To New York


“I took this photo in Nuware Eliya, Sri Lanka. That area is known for its tea estates, and this particular image was snapped at the Pedro Tea Estate. A floral fantasia print from a Sri Lankan tea estate blossoms beautifully in the Tea and Flowers scarf.”


3 Ways To Wear A Travel Scarf


The Cashmere Twist


The Cowgirl


The Turban


Image credit: Get Me To New York


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