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11 Unconventional Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


You have reached that stage in life where you no longer need a bigger allowance to afford a Mother’s Day gift. In other words, you should be indulging your mother with more than a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates this coming Sunday.

There is a vast range of fantastic options out there once you bypass the traditional gift-giving avenues and think outside the box. To get the ball rolling we have drawn up a list of 10 unconventional ideas that your mother will talk about for a long time.


The Traveller


Travel Photography Workshop

Here is your mother’s chance to brush up on her photography techniques before her next exotic sojourn. Photographer Penny Koukoulas, will take her on a walking tour in her chosen Australian city and show her a different world through the camera lens.

Swim With Whale Sharks

Your mother could be among the many who have cage dived with the sharks or among the few who have swum with them. The Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia will give her what could well be the greatest wildlife encounter of her life.


The Style Maven


Design Your Shoe of Prey

Every woman yearns to own an original, one-of-a-kind style piece. Let your mother find hers at Shoes of Prey and take delight in being complimented on her gorgeous personally designed footwear.

Mother & Daughter Home To Happiness Package

Deepen your mother-daughter bond as you spend quality time together with a professional fashion stylist on a shopping excursion and a wardrobe audit. Who says you can’t share your mother’s gift?


The Food Lover


Chocolate Bar Masterclass

Your mother may be a chocoholic but you can do better than just gifting her a box of gourmet chocolates. Ganache Chocolate’s Master Chocolatier, Arno Backes, will lend a hand by teaching her the tips and tricks to making her own beautiful bars.

A Cocktail Making Class

Sensology’s expert mixologists will turn your mother from home dabbler into the ultimate cocktail party host. Under their tutelage, she will learn the basic techniques and art of cocktail mixing that will be nothing short of a full-blown sensory experience.

High Tea At The Hyatt

Is there anything more decadent than a high-tea at one of Melbourne’s poshest hotels? Your mother will feel like a queen as she holds a delicate sweet in one hand and a glass of champagne in the other.


The Fitness Buff


Escape To Shape

Imagine practicing yoga in the underground cisterns of Istanbul or learning African dance in Cape Town. Erica Gragg and Francesco Anchisi will bring that dream alive with their unique concept of discovering the world through luxury, fitness and culture.

Destination Fitness Retreat

Don’t be fooled by the serene, restful images on Chiva-Som’s website. Aside from the array of fitness classes, there are also personal training sessions and Eastern wellness services. To say your mother will feel reborn is not an exaggeration.


The Business Mind


A League of Extraordinary Women Membership

Being a part of a league of big thinkers means your mother will have access to the 25,000 other women with whom she can collaborate, inspire and share stories or ideas. After all, you always knew she was in a different league.

A Lifestyle Concierge

The secret to good leadership is delegation and this virtual lifestyle manager will gladly take care of your mother’s overflowing to-do list. Let someone else manage the tedious details so she can relax and fully enjoy the end results.


What are you gifting your mother this Sunday? Tell us in the comment section below!


Image credit: Ganache Chocolate

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