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11 Travel Instagrammers Who Will Take You Places


No time for a proper holiday? Or perhaps you have travelled all the familiar roads already? Either way, get ready to reignite your wanderlust with these 11 Instagram travel accounts. The stunning imagery is a given but the stories that accompany them will have you reaching for your passport even before you get to the end of the list.


1. Murad Osmann




Who: @muradosmann

Follow For: A documentation of one travel photographer’s journey to some of the most exotic landscapes in the world. The inventive photo series called #FollowMeTo features Murad being led by the hand by his partner, Nataly Zakharova, whose fashion sense is as exquisite as their locations.            


2. Jean of Holy Smithereens



Who: @jeanholysmithereens

Follow For: A serving of luxury travel with a lashing of adventure. Jean’s Instagram feed is packed with beautiful images of five-star accommodation, fine dining and gorgeous surroundings that culminate in what she values most – a luxury experience.


3. Passion Passport


There are only twelve hours left to enter our #MyChinaExperience IG challenge! We are sending one winner to explore China with @cathaypacific, from the streets of Shanghai to the Great Wall (pictured here). Your photo does *not* need to be from China. Just show us how China inspires you and tell us exactly where you’d want to visit because we’ll be sending you there if you win! Guest judges @anniefitzsimmons, @pketron and @twheat are standing by to select the winner. Follow these instructions in order to be eligible: 1) Read the full instructions on how to win by following the link in our profile 2) Post a photo or video relating to the theme between Mon. 7/13 and 11:59pm EST tonight, 7/24 3) Tag #MyChinaExperience and @passionpassport in the caption, and tell us where you would visit in China Photo of the Great Wall by @danielle.mcg

A photo posted by Passion Passport (@passionpassport) on



Who: @passionpassport

Follow For: The best vacation snaps and stories from a global community of travellers, storytellers and photographers. From the heart of the Antelope Canyon in Arizona to the dazzling play of colour and light through the stained glass of a mosque in Shiraz, Iran, each image will briefly transport you to a place that will expand the boundaries of your imagination.


4. Lucy Rose Laucht


#tbt #thatpinkdoor

A photo posted by Lucy Rose Laucht (@lucylaucht) on


Who: @lucylaucht

Follow For: A travel route filled with bright light, soft colour and impeccable styling. Lucy calls herself a “serial wanderluster” who left England nearly a decade ago, travelled to over 30 countries, put down temporary roots in Australia and finally settled in New York’s fashion industry.


5. Stephanie Be




Who: @stephbetravel

Follow For: A vicarious vacation to some of the world’s most beautiful retreats, golden beaches and tropical destinations. The full-time traveller has made her way into 31 countries while simultaneously indulging in her passion for culture, technology and media.      


6. Aubrey Daquinag


The rain has stopped for us to enjoy cocktails and this rooftop view! @DiscoverHongKong #DiscoverHongKong A photo posted by stay curious / kiss life (@theloveassembly) on


Who: @theloveassembly

Follow For: An intimate tour of luxury boutique resorts, hidden city secrets and beautiful flat-lays. Currently the only Australian travel blogger partnering with Conde Nast Traveler, Aubrey’s creative eye has turned her feed into a playful yet inspiring canvas of global travel and style.


7. Jessica Stein


So happy to be back in NYC. It always feels like my second home @sixtyhotels #SIXTYSoHo

A photo posted by Jessica Stein (@tuulavintage) on



Who: @tuulavintage

Follow For: A fusion of style and travel. Tag along as Jessica wanders through lush vineyards in the East Hampton, strolls across the powdery white beaches of Krabi and gazes at the Tokyo skyline during sunset from her hotel room. All, of course, in glorious style!      


8. Hermione Olivia



Who: @hermioneolivia

Follow For: An unusual but refreshing blend of luxury and earthiness in travel and style. Hermione smoothly transitions between a little black number for a night of glamour in Istanbul and a pair of denim shorts for a day out shopping in London without looking the slightest bit out of place.


9. Le Postcard


There really needs to be a crayon color called “Capri Blue!” ✏️ #lafontelina #capri #italy

A photo posted by Le Postcard (@lepostcard) on



Who: @lepostcard

Follow For: An insight into the travel-habits of jet setters and influencers around the globe. Travel journalist, Stephanie Steinman, founded Le Postcard in 2014 to quell her curiosity and fuel an inspiration that was sparked by the explorers around her. And now, she is paying it forward.      


10. Andrea Magrath


Santorini dreaming ✨ A photo posted by Andrea Magrath (@somekindofwanderlust) on


Who: @somekindofwanderlust

Follow For: Snapshots of stunning beaches interspersed with mouth-watering food shots. Andrea’s storyboard will take you from champagne breakfast on the Hiram Bingham train of Machu Picchu to sundowners by the beach in El Salvador. But it is the brilliant blueness of the landscapes – whether of mountains, oceans or sky – that will reel you in.


11. Carin Olsson



Who: @parisinfourmonths

Follow For: A guide to Paris through the eyes of a girl who was only meant to stay for four months but found she could not leave. Carin’s feed is a visual declaration of her love affair with Paris through its charming cafes, balconies, alleyways and of course, fashion.


Which travel bloggers spark your wanderlust? Tell us in the comments below!

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