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11 Style Tips to Conceal Every Hang-Up

From time to time, it’s hard to escape from a body hang-up or two. But unless you want to hit the gym 24 hours a day (which we certainly don’t), we have found some simple figure-flattering tips that address every common problem thanks to Who What Wear.


Hang-up # 1 – You want a bigger chest

Solution – An embellished or ruffled top will give your chest the boost you desire with volume-enhancing details.


Hang-up # 2 – You want a flatter stomach

Solution – Doing 1000 sit-ups a day isn’t the only way to a flat stomach. A wrap dress will conveniently conceal your stomach while accentuating the smallest part of your body – the waist.


Hang-up # 3 – You want longer legs

Solution – The best way to lengthen and slim your legs is to wear one continuous colour from the pants to feet. Boots are a perfect way to get this effect, exposed toes or ankles will break up the straight line of this look.


Hang-up # 4 – You want smaller hips

Solution – Counteract the look of wider hips with flared jeans. The volume at the hem of the pant will balance out your hips and give the illusion of a slimmer mid section.


Hang-up # 5 – You want a shorter torso

Solution – Make your torso more proportionate to the rest of your body with a high-waisted skirt or pants. This will create a leg-lengthening effect, making your top half look smaller in comparison to your bottom half.


Hang-up # 6 – You want a longer torso

Solution – Do the exact opposite to point 5. Wear low-rise pants paired with a high neckline top. This will make your top half look longer in proportion to your legs.


Hang-up # 7 – You want a smaller chest

Solution – A slight V-neck top will pull the eye down to the narrower place of your body, de-emphasising the chest area. Be sure to not wear a plunging v-neckline, as this will only emphasise the area you are trying to hide.


Hang-up # 8 – You want a bigger bottom

Solution – If you dream of a derriere like Kim K’s, fake a bigger booty with high-waisted jeans. These will make your waist look smaller, and your bottom rounder.


Hang-up # 9 – You want a smaller bottom

Solution – On the contrary, to conceal a rounded bottom, wide-leg pants can help compress an ample behind. Like flared jeans with hips, a wide-leg pant will balance out a bigger bottom. Look for a pair of pants with a wide waistband, as this will achieve the best effect.


Hang-up # 10 – You want thinner arms

Solution – Wearing a ¾ sleeve top will guide the eye to the forearm, drawing attention away from your hang-up area. Avoid wearing cap-sleeves as this style draws the eye to the top half of your arms.


Hang-up # 11 – You want a thinner waist

Solution – Pairing a peplum top with a belt will highlight the smallest part of the body – the mid-section – while the volume of the peplum top will maker the waist look event thinner in proportion.


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