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10 Basic Makeup Rules Every Woman Breaks

Makeup Rules

With all the makeup advice out there, it is a wonder that we are all not professional makeup artists by now! But while this wealth of information keeps us updated on the latest styles and tricks, it also distracts us from the basic makeup rules. So if you are wondering why that ultra-creamy foundation is not working its promised miracle on your skin, you might want to check the Foundation 101 rulebook.

woman with drive has compiled the 10 basic makeup rules that every woman has broken without even realising it.

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#1: Never Apply Makeup Onto Dry Skin
Break this rule with your foundation and brace yourself for an onslaught of flaky skin. Even the creamiest foundation will rest in a layer on top of dry skin, instead of blending in, and make skin look old and tired. Exfoliate weekly and apply a rich moisturiser to keep skin plump and hydrated.

The same rule applies to using matte lipstick on dry lips. Many women prefer matte to glossy but your lips need to be properly nourished to wear them well. Exfoliate your lips daily to remove dead skin and hydrate with a lip balm before applying lipstick.


#2: Clean Your Brushes Regularly

Here is what happens when you use dirty or old brushes – your makeup will look just as old and tired. Which means you will probably look the same way too. Unwashed brushes also harbour bacteria so wash them with a mild shampoo at least once a month. If you use sponges, replace them regularly.


#3: Switch Up Your Makeup Throughout The Year

Just as you have a summer and winter wardrobe, so should you have seasonal makeup colours and foundation. Switch to waterproof eye pencils and mascara, and use cream eye shadows during the warmer months to prevent the heat from melting your makeup. And because you are likely to be a shade darker during summer, choose a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone then.

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#4: Use A Primer Before Foundation 

Australian makeup artist, Napoleon Perdis, has declared, “Not to prime is a crime!” He is right.

The impact a primer has on makeup application is hugely underestimated. For smoother, more hydrated skin that will retain your makeup for longer, apply a skin primer right after moisturising and just before applying foundation. Also use a primer on your eyes, especially if you are using dark eyeliner on the lower lid, to prevent smudging.


#5: Experiment With Different Product or Colours

Every woman has that one staple product she has used for years which always seems to “work” but which could also be holding her back from updating her look. If it is a colour cosmetic, take it to a makeup counter and ask to experiment with a lighter or darker version or even a version with a different texture or finish.


#6: Do Not Mistake Translucent For Invisible

Powdery-fresh can be a lovely look as long as you are not powdering your entire face. Translucent does not mean invisible and the powder will show up in places that it does not belong – the areas outside the T-zone. Use a brush so you can tap away the excess product and gently sweep it over your face.


#7: Apply Eye Liner According To Your Eye Shape 

If your eyes are closely set, widen them by creating the thickest and boldest line at the outer corner. For eyes that are spaced further apart, create the thickest line in the inner corner. Another tip is to choose brown over black, which can be too harsh for most skin tones.


#8: Keep Makeup Out Of The Bathroom

Many beauty products contain natural or organic oils and waxes, which can be ruined by heat whether from a bathroom heater or a hot shower. Prolong your makeup’s lifespan by moving it from the bathroom counter into the fridge. The other benefit is that cold creams will help seal up any pores and feel wonderful on your skin!


 #9: Do Not Over-Exaggerate Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows get thinner as you get older and not filling them in can add years to your appearance. But do not immediately draw full, bold brows in dark shades. Look for colours that are similar to your hair. Brush your brow hairs up with a clear brow gel and then fill in the gaps.


 #10: Use An Eyelash Curler

If given a choice of wearing only eyeshadow, eyeliner or mascara, most makeup artists would pick the mascara. But only if they also have an eyelash curler to create eyes that are youthful and awake. Hold the curler at the root of your eyelashes for 15 seconds and then wiggle a curling mascara from the roots to the tips to really work it in.


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